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Leap of Faith

by peculiar three

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Perpetual 05:41
Born with a seal from the God of Knowledge Live on a deal 'till your breath is taken away Face all the fear the pain, the anger Then try to heal 'till your wounds are open again Live along with your sins try to forgive no time to steal none to borrow Dream a light from within though long it may seem no one escapes from tomorrow Feel the delusion of the cosmic center Jump to conclusion that you were never meant to be Send transmission there's nothing out there Blind audition for the part you already play
Innermost 05:40
You've been told to remember and then taught to forget Balancing on a wire feeling only regret You've been told to be fighter and then taught to retreat Spent your life in the shadow needing only to breath What if you were the only what if you were the last Would you find the desire to escape from the past Our days are numbered not a minute to spend On the edge of tomorrow there's no time to pretend Show me your fire Oh, how can I dream in a world full of dust and decay Oh, how can I find the strength to rise from the night
Inkblot 05:44
I spy (spy) with my little eye (eye) figures in disguise (eyes) they have come to enter my Mind (the) gap between the line (fine) evil and divine (line) reality has been compromised Who can I trust that isn't me the maze's end I cannot see Where can I find a place to be is there a life out there for me ooh Spread your wings to touch the sky and ooh believe that you can fly ooh The rays of light are passing by and ooh your life won't ever be the same again I claim (aim) everything you aim (claim) losing in a game (shame) none around is willing to play (hey) begging you to stay (hey) did I hear you say (play) pledge me life and lead me astray
Marginal 05:36
A mind wasted all thoughts twisted Patience lasted revenge lusted Engines running tension growing Green light pending somehow fading Illusive, impulsive aggressive restart Eruptive, emotive it's falling apart Bending. Breaking. Crushing. Ending.
I have been away for so long days brought years and then centuries gone Everlasting paradox fade away to reborn again Astral projections and planet collisions on spree a child from the stars that will show you the path is now free Spells and rituals carved on stones holy lands and mystic gods I have seen too many worlds now I will reclaim my crown Mysteries, secrets, divine constellations on spree a child from the stars that will show you the path is now free Arrows of chaos obey beacons of light guide the way Eternal spirits decay follow my Leap of Faith
The Sentient 04:55
Have I always been awake or do I live in a dream Is there a purpose in my life am I to serve or to lead Is this reality final who could have taught me to think Should I destroy or create how can I tell right from wrong What is the Maker made of why isn't he by my side Will I live to see forever am I a Maker myself
Wise men from days of old spoke of a prophecy foretold A hidden path among the stars is all it is, if ever was Celestial form of number three deadly and sharp they all will be The serpent's egg, all seeing eye a reign of fire from the sky Knaves o' Knives From dawn of time into the dusk ancient souls, immortal lust A life quest of mystery bonds with the world eternally Constellations are at bay the wills of nature will obey And as the night devours the day another circle goes astray Knaves o' Knives
In a bottle lies a note under candle light is born what I wrote I have forgotten As you travel cross the sea to the land that you will meet fear no ghosts, no waves, no thunders Countless days and nights I longed for strength to fight live another day to see your face On this isle of death I lost my hope to fear my memories fading away All these days and nights a shore could not suffice wishes for my broken dreams Believe me I have tried but nothing seems in line and I keep waiting for a light to guide me When they'll find me I’ll be gone to the stars I will belong tell her I have never left her And the world keeps going on through the time and space alone where to find my peace I don't know


“Do you remember what Darwin says about music? He claims that the power of producing and appreciating it existed among the human race long before the power of speech was arrived at. Perhaps that is why we are so subtly influenced by it. There are vague memories in our souls of those misty centuries when the world was in its childhood.” (Sherlock Holmes - A Study in Scarlet)

We are the Peculiar Three. We are our own influences, passions and virtues. The Uroborus which enshrines our lust to create. We are our own expression through music. We are the Peculiar Three and we invite you to our cyclical dance…


released April 13, 2020

~ All music and lyrics by Peculiar Three. All songs performed and recorded live by Peculiar Three.
~ Vocals, Guitars (distorted), Bass and Drums recorded at Locomotive Sound studio (Lamia, Greece). Guitars (clean) recorded at One Take Recordings (Thiva, Greece). Keys recorded at Saint George studio (Ag. Georgios Viotias, Greece).
~ Mixed, Produced and Mastered at Locomotive Sound studio (Lamia, Greece) by Ektoras Sohos.
~ Special guests: Panos Makoulis (orchestration & keys on “Caliban’s End”), Mantis Savvidis (solo saz on “Innermost”).
~ Artwork and Layout by Sotiris Kotsonis.
~ Photo by Dimitris Matsotas, Photo Edit by Sotiris Kotsonis.
~ CD Production and Packaging by 8Merch (Krakow, Poland).


all rights reserved



peculiar three Livadia, Greece

"peculiar three" is a studio project based in Livadia city, Greece. Founded in 2013, the Hard ’n’ Heavy Rock trio with Prog and Metal elements released their first EP “P3culiar” the year after, followed by its Remastered edition in 2019. The debut full-length “Leap of Faith” was released in 2020. "π3" is: Valantis Dafkos - vocals & bass, Panos Karkanas - guitars & keys, Paris Gatsios - drums. ... more

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